The Broken Flowers of Arma

Last year has been a “meh” year  for rock climbing and along the same lines went rock climbing photography.

Last weekend during the Fyli Climbing Festival I got a rare chance to get out and shoot some climbers, albeit I had no chance to climb. To be honest in my current physical state I don’t feel really motivated to do so anyway. Interestingly I got a chance to shoot people on what might be simultaneously the most impressive and less visited hard crag in Athens. The massive wall of Central Arma in Parnitha. A wall that had been (and yet remains) a photo project for me since the time we were making the Athens Climbing Guidebook.

The route photographed here is Broken Flowers, one of  K.Roussos masterpiece lines graded around 8b and repeated only once by prodigy kid (back then) C.Vrohidis. On the photos, one of the most prolific Athenian climbers, Thanasis Kefalas is working on the route along with others.


Arma Small


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